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Gray/Bronze Silicone Feeding Bib Set

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Save money with the Gray/Bronze Silicone Feeding Bib Set. The set includes one gray silicone bib and one bronze silicone bib, both gender neutral. The silicone feeding bib is easy to wash, soft, dishwasher safe and is environmentally friendly. It has a large front pocket that is great for catching any fluid or food. It is lightweight and durable.

Each bib is printed with an original motif designed by our very own female Hmong artist. 

100% silicone. 

What’s included: 2 silicone bib

Product care: Hand wash with soap and water. Dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: Approximately 23x31cm

Color: Gray and Bronze

Weight: 89 grams each bib

Designs are made by our in-house designer nicknamed MJ.

All designs are original works of art and represent Hmong culture.

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