Behind the Designs at Indigo and Juniper

Wondering where our designs and inspirations for our products come from? We want to share what inspires our business and the unique designs that we bring to you!

Our designs are not just random patterns or imitations; they are originals, carefully and beautifully hand-drawn by one of our own talented female Hmong artists. Drawing inspiration from our rich Hmong culture and heritage, our designs incorporate common Hmong symbols and elements, resulting in truly authentic and meaningful pieces.

Handmade Hmong motif design process

The Hmong people have a rich tradition of visual storytelling. Historically, we did not have a written language, so our history and stories were passed down through generations using symbols, imagery, and textiles. This can be seen prominently in our hand-sewn garments and elaborately designed tapestries. The process of creating these pieces is meticulous and time-consuming, but the end result is a breathtaking work of art. Hmong batik, for example, involves intricate hand-sewing, dyeing, and drawing.

In our designs, you will often find common symbols such as hearts, homes, snails, mountains, and more. These symbols hold deep cultural significance and reflect our connection to nature, family, and community. Additionally, cross-stitching is a common technique used to further enhance the beauty and detail of our creations.

design of artwork created by Indigo & Juniper designer

As our business continues to grow, our mission remains the same: to find new ways to share the beauty of Hmong culture and its designs with the world. We are constantly working on developing and introducing new products and designs that honor our heritage and resonate with people from all walks of life. Each piece we create is a testament to our traditions, craftsmanship, and artistic expression.

We invite you to explore our collection and experience the rich cultural heritage and vibrant artistry of the Hmong people. By supporting our business, you are not just acquiring a beautifully crafted item; you are also becoming a part of our journey to preserve and share the beauty of Hmong culture. Together, let's celebrate diversity and embrace the timeless elegance of Hmong designs.