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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Designs at Indigo and Juniper

Wondering where our designs and inspirations for our products come from? We want to share what inspires our business and our designs that we bring to you! 

Our designs are originals, and hand drawn by one of our own female Hmong artists. Carefully and beautifully drawn, many of the designs and concepts have been inspired by our Hmong people and culture. Our designs contain common Hmong symbols and elements.

Handmade Hmong motif design process

Historically, the Hmong did not have any written language. Like many other cultures, the Hmong relied on storytelling, symbols and imagery to document and tell their history and stories. These can be seen primarily on hand sewn and elaborately designed pieces of clothing and/or tapestries. These hand sewn and often hand drawn pieces take a long time to create, but become beautiful works of art. Hmong batik for example are hand sewn, dyed and drawn.

You will often find common symbols such as the heart, home, snail, or mountains, etc. on Hmong created cloth, clothing and drawings.  It often also commonly will include cross stitching.

As we continue to grow, we want to find new ways to share the beauty of the Hmong culture and it’s designs. We look forward to bringing you new products and designs.