Our Story

Indigo & Juniper, launched in January 2021, emerged from a family's visionary desire to illuminate the Hmong culture in the modern world. With a unique blend of tradition and contemporary influences, our business aims to introduce others to the richness of Hmong heritage. Join us on our journey as we bridge the gap between the past and the present, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of the Hmong people.

Who Are the Hmong People?

The Hmong people have long remained an enigmatic and lesser-known ethnic group in the Western world. Rooted in a deep tribal heritage, our culture and traditions have been predominantly transmitted through oral storytelling, intricate artwork, tapestries, and clothing. For generations, we have crafted exquisite tapestries, garments, and designs known as "paj ntaub," using them as mediums to convey our history, stories, and cultural identity. The utilization of natural indigo dyes to produce one-of-a-kind batik textiles and fabrics has been an integral part of our artistic expression for millennia.

In the wake of the Vietnam War, countless Hmong families were compelled to flee their homelands, seeking refuge in the United States. As first-generation children of these resilient refugees, we are driven by a deep desire to share our vibrant culture with the modern world, shedding light on the true beauty of our people and fostering growth within our community.

Why Baby Accessories?

During our search for baby accessories, we discovered an abundance of cultural art and decorations from around the globe. However, when we endeavored to find accessories featuring Hmong culture, we encountered a disheartening reality – they were either non-existent or exceptionally challenging to find. Recognizing this void, we felt an inherent responsibility to fill it and share fragments of our rich history with others. By incorporating elements of our cultural heritage into baby accessories, we aim to promote awareness and appreciation for the Hmong people's remarkable journey.

Join Us in Our Journey

We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us, as we strive to bring the Hmong culture to the forefront through our carefully crafted baby accessories. Each product is infused with the essence of our traditions and the spirit of our ancestors, telling a unique story and igniting a sense of cultural exploration. By supporting Indigo & Juniper, you become a part of our collective growth, enabling us to preserve and share the beauty of Hmong heritage for generations to come.


Indigo & Juniper stands as a testament to the resilience and creativity of the Hmong people. By merging the past with the present, we endeavor to shed light on the hidden treasures of our culture and create a bridge between generations. Join us as we celebrate diversity, share our vibrant history, and honor the Hmong legacy through our unique collection of baby accessories. Together, let us foster cultural understanding and appreciation in the modern world.