Our Story

Indigo & Juniper was launched in January 2021. Our family had a vision to bring Hmong culture to light in the modern world so others could learn more about the culture. Our business represents a collaboration between the modern era and the tribal cultural heritage.

Who are the Hmong People?

Hmong people have remained a mostly hidden and unknown ethnic group to the Western world. With no true written language of their own, our culture and traditions were passed down primarily through word of mouth, pieces of art, tapestry, and clothing. We have created elaborate tapestries, clothing and designs in large pieces of art known as “paj ntaub” for many generations. They’ve also used dyes, primarily made from indigo plants, to create beautiful unique batik textiles and fabrics. These elaborate clothes and patterns have been used to tell our history, stories and culture for thousands of years.
After the Vietnam War, hundreds of thousands of Hmong families were forced to flee their homelands seeking refuge in the United States. As first generation children of refugees who were able to escape Laos at the conclusion of the Vietnam war, we wanted to share our rich culture with the modern world and shed some light on the true beauty of our people to help our community grow.

Why Baby Accessories?

In shopping for baby accessories, we noticed there are so many cultural art and decorations from all over the world. However, when we tried to find any accessories which featured Hmong culture, it didn't exist or was incredibly hard to find. We felt there was a huge gap here and wanted to be able to share some of our rich history with others. Join us in our journey and be part of our exciting growth.