Support the Hmong Community

Indigo & Juniper was launched with an eye on raising awareness of the Hmong Community and bringing Hmong culture mainstream. Aside from introducing Hmong inspired and produced products, we have worked with many men and women in the community to further educate others of the struggles this community faces.

By supporting Indigo & Juniper, we are able to give back to the Hmong communities in Northern Thailand who are less fortunate, but help produce some of the amazing products before you. Our objectives are to help raise enough to help these small villages prosper and continue to be able to produce these fine products globally.

Hmong COVID-19 Research

We've also partnered with Kao Kang Kue Vang, PHDC, RN, PHN, at to help track Hmong COVID-19 cases in the United States to better understand the impact COVID-19 has had on the Hmong community. Her work at UC Davis, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, will not only aid in providing education to the Hmong community about COVID-19, but also in understanding the difficulties and fears the Hmong community has experienced with the healthcare system.


Be A Part Of The Change

Want to partner/collaborate with us on supporting the Hmong Community? Please fill out the contact information below and let us know your organization/how you think we could work together.

Submissions typically take between 2-3 business days to review, in which someone will reach out and inform you of our decision.

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