Why Choose Silicone Bibs?

Why Choose Silicone Bibs?

Why should you choose a silicone bib?

🤍 Reusable

  Silicone bibs can be washed after every meal and used again for the next meal.

🤍 Long lasting

  Silicone bibs are not only soft and comfortable for your baby, but it’s durable and long lasting. Silicone bibs will last for years despite its frequent use and wash. It’s the perfect bib for your growing baby as they learn to eat.  Use it from their infant years to their toddler years or pass it along to the next child/sibling.

🤍 Washable

  Silicone bibs are easy to wipe and wash. Clean with soap and water or simply throw it in the wash. Yes! It’s dishwasher safe. Unlike traditional or other non-silicone bibs, food and liquid can become trap and lead to mold. Silicone prevents that problem from occurring.

🤍 Doesn’t stain

  Unlike traditional fabric bibs, silicone bibs don’t stain because of the silicone material that is meant to be waterproof and stain proof.  This not only protects the bib, but your little one and their clothes. No more stained shirts!

🤍 Easy to travel with

  Silicone bibs are great for traveling. Fold the bib and throw it in your diaper bag for snacks and meals.  Wipe down after use, fold it and store it away for the next meal. You don’t have to worry about packing multiple traditional bibs or machine washing your bib while traveling when you have a silicone bib on hand.