How to Make a Baby Waffle Blanket

In this article, I will talk about another great use for these blankets – creating baby waffle blankets. These are similar to regular waffled blankets, but they have little squares or diamonds instead of circles.

Why are waffle blankets so popular?

Baby Waffle blankets

There are several reasons why people love soft, warm waffle blankets. Some say they feel more luxurious than other types of blankets due to the additional padding.

Some believe that waffle blankets help promote skin regeneration by keeping your body warmer. This is particularly helpful for wound healing or dry skin conditions like eczema.

Certain individuals also report feeling happier using a blanket during sleep- this may be because it helps create a comforting environment.

How to wash baby waffle blankets

When washing your new baby gift, there are two things you should know!

First, use warm water and regular detergent. Using cold or hot water or using products with high acid content can cause your blanket to lose its shape or even hurt it.

Second, make sure to launder in a place where there is a lot of circulation, like in a bathtub or other area of the house. You do not want your child pulling this item out while wet!

After you have washed your blanket, let it air dry. This removes any moisture that may remain and helps keep it fresh. Your blanket will still feel soft and cozy after this process.

How to care for baby waffle blankets

When your new baby comes home, they will ask you to choose their favorite colors of clothing or bedding. More than likely, you have gathered some soft, cuddly clothes and towels for them. These are called infant products! as gifts from family members or through online shopping sites like Amazon or Target.

Now what happens to all these things when your child gets tired of them? Or something with those items doesn’t fit anymore? You might be stuck hanging onto all of this hard-earned baby merchandise.

Luckily, there is an easy solution! A few months down the road, most stores begin offering cloths that are designed to be laundered and dried in special facilities, marketed as “baby washcloths.” This is totally fine way to store these items because they are manufactured using certified organic fabrics and chemicals that can’t cause any harm.

These washable coverings are a smart investment since you don’t need to buy extra pieces at every doctor visit or trip to the park.

How to make a baby waffle blanket

Baby Waffle blankets

This project is for anyone who loves making new things! You will need some very thin, soft fabric that you can cut into squares or strips. These do not have to be color coordinated, but it is nice if they are.

You will also need two pieces of cotton cloth (these can be used to wash and dry your newly made blankets) and one set of iron-sensing sewing machine needles.

To create your pattern, start by picking your favorite square shape. A circle would work too! Pick four times as many points in your shape as there are inches in length of your finished blanket. In our case, we had 4 inches long blankets so we needed 16 points in each corner of our square. Make sure none of these points overlap otherwise your blanket may get wrinkled.

Once all of those are done, sew together all of your corners using double pointed stitch. For every 1/4 yard piece, use one whole inch of stitching. Once everything is sewn together, turn your waffling tool off and press the seam down slightly. Cut away any excess thread.

What are baby blankets made of?

Most people know that newborns need warm blankets, but what kind they choose is up to them! Some parents like t-shirts or wool blankets because they feel more soft and comforting for their child.

Many parents also prefer natural fibers such as cotton over synthetic ones due to the potential health benefits of chemicals used in manufacturing. Although not necessarily healthier than polyester, it is worth noting that most cloth diapers are manufactured with at least some type of polyester fiber.

By this note, we mean that even if you decide to use washable polynics instead of cloth diapers, your child may have consumed a small amount of plastic during diaper changes!

That being said, there are many types of fabric available when looking for new blankets. Linen, silk and bamboo are some good examples of durable, gentle fabrics which can be dried easily.

Silk and Bamboo are especially helpful since it breathes well, helping prevent your baby from getting too hot or cold.

What are some fun baby waffle blanket patterns?

To make an lacy pattern, start with either solid colored wool or cotton fabric and wash it in a light color of detergent. Let these hang dry then repeat this process several times until you get very little white fuzz left over.

Once they are almost all white, add some darker colors and rinse again. This time use a heavier amount of detergent and pull out only those colors that stick to the waffle layers. You can do this as many times as you want to achieve lots of pretty designs.

For a ruffle edged blanket, choose a knitted or woven material and cut it into pieces. Some people sew these together but we recommend using the same method for making waffles! Mix up the types of fibers so you don’t have to press the whole thing at once.

Grosgrain is just kind of fancy roman shade style soft cloth. These are usually made from silk or flannel and are hung somewhere warm where babies can enjoy them.

What are some popular baby waffle blanket colors?


Many parents choose solid color blankets for their babies because they like them or have fun exploring different shades of each other! There are many great picks in soft, pastel colors like cream, light pink, yellow, blue, gray, and black.

Many sellers will include sample blankets to help you determine which ones look best for your child. You can also do a quick search on Amazon or Etsy to check out pictures and descriptions of individual blankets to see if those match up with what you want for yours.

Products that are not as well known may still be quality items, but people may or may not refer to them by name so it is hard to tell unless you are familiar with this product. Some brands seem to quickly disappear after the initial sale, so make sure to do your research before investing in one.

What are some things to consider when choosing a baby waffle blanket?

When buying a new infant waffle blanket, there are several important factors to consider. First, make sure it is washable! If you find that the fabric is not readily accessible or removable, then you should look elsewhere.

Most importantly, check out your size of the blanket before purchasing it! Many sellers will be slightly off in their measurements, so do not buy unless you have measured yours correctly already.

Overall, shopping online for waffle blankets has become very easy now. You can easily compare prices, read reviews, and determine if the seller is trustworthy.

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