Muslin Swaddles For The Nursery

Our muslin swaddles were made wanting to create a blanket perfect for any kid, toddler or infant. We are committed to providing a quality product and one we would use ourselves. Our designs are original and made by female Hmong artists. We hope you enjoy them and the many ways you can use them.

Muslin swaddles in all different variations for your infant and toddler.

The swaddles we use are made from bamboo to create a softer and cooler touch. Here are the list of reasons we use bamboo instead of other materials:

  • Eco-Friendly: Bamboo grows extremely fast has nearly 100s of different varieties to choose from.
  • Strong and Flexible: Although often times overlooked, bamboo is extremely strong. In some Asian countries, instead of wood, bamboo is used for building structures and furniture. Showing that it is not limited to just clothing and swaddles!
  • Lightweight: Although bamboo has the strength to be used as buildings, it is also extremely lightweight. Due to it not have as much mass as traditional wood, it can be used in a variety of items and make it extremely easy to move around due to it's lightness.
  • Thermal Regulating and Cool: One of the exciting features of bamboo is its ability to cool and not retain heat. This is one of the main reason we choose to use bamboo, so that our babies will never overheat, whether you're in the heat of summer or thick of winter. And if you're curious, try some bamboo bed sheets to try them out yourself.

To learn more about bamboos, visit our page on How Eco-Friendly is Bamboo.

Try out one of our muslin swaddles today to see for yourself and you'll fall in love with them just as we did.